Structural Analysis

FEM approach provides a full range of analysis as:

  • Linear static analysis
  • Nonlinear static analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Non Linear material analysis
  • Linear dynamic analysis
  • Fatigue analysis

AEROVEN ug multidisciplinary experience guarantees reliable and consistent simulations, short time in developing models using the proper tool for the specific problem.

Parallel to the most advanced FEM techniques AEROVEN ug is able to perform preliminary structural checks and preliminary designs by means of suitable instruments of calculation developed from preliminary concept, to full design until final test.



  • FE
  • Before Analysis

Every analysis performed starts from an attentive check of Geometry part and surrounding structure, in order to simulate the structural problem as closer as to reality. Detailed FE models are prepared, checked and finalized according to all requirements.

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  • Deformation from Analysis

Results, maximum allowable deformations and displacements are computed. .

  • Stress Results from Analysis

Results, stress and strain are computed, on critical locations. Elastic and Plastic material are used depending on specific topic.

  • Test and validation

When possible FE models, for dedicated configurations, are compared and validated by Test Results.