Aerospace - Automotive - Industrial

The AEROVEN enginering consulting offers to the customers a complete support with skills ranging from design to structural analysis. 


Aerospace - Design & Stress

  • Within large or medium projects, Aeroven with its own resources, or in cooperation with 
    parthner companies, cover moltidisciplinar Design aspect.
    Design of parts on Primary Structure 
    Design of arts on Secondary Structure
    Drawings Release 
    Installation Drawings 
    Assembly Drawings

  • Structural Analysis:
      • Primary and Secondary Metal structures
      • Primary and Secondary CFC structures

Automotive - Structures

      • Structural engineers support our designers on all topics regarding basic dimensional choices, materials and optimizations.
      • Structural Analysis:
          • Global and local simulations on Bodies and
          • on Complete Assemblied Vehicle
          • for Test Simulations


Industrial - Structures

Spacing from Industrial Design to everyday life items, our structural
simulations cover not only metallic parts,
but polimeric and composit material too

      • Structural Analysis:
        • Innovative material adaptablity
        • High Integration with Design solutions 
          • Confort and Safety in line with Strenghness