Company Profile

meetingAEROVEN Engineering Consulting is a new born limited company as a natural consequence of innovation and improvement from the predecessor Aeroven Consulting.

Originally founded from his actual director, on scientific and technical bases inherited from an high qualified Master thesis in Robotic and Automation Systems, now is made up of 6 experienced aerospace engineers.

Since then, Aeroven Consulting first, and AEROVEN Engineering Consulting after, has grown, working mainly for European-based Industries, thus fostering its own development, and encouraging outstanding performances in engineering.

Collecting satisfied customers among the largest aerospace companies in Italy, Great Britain and Germany, always the service, quality and competences stay in our targets.


Our Know-How 

Aerospace Military Programs

Primary Structure - Nose Landing Gear Uplock: In consequence of a failure to opening during a landing phase, friction, and contact analysis have been performed to evaluate causes of failure.

Primary Structure - Nose Landing Gear: For PDR program, various parts have been checked to grant structural integrity and fatigue life.

Primary Structure - Ramp Floor and Cargo Floor: From PDR to Certification MSN4, MSN6, structural integrity for certification reports have been checked. Stress analysis validated by tests.

Primary Structure - Fittings: All fittings on Ramp Floor and Cargo Floor have been checked, optimized and certified for Flight test.

Interiors - Lining Panels: Laminate Composite and Sandwich Composite for interiors for MSN6+

Aerospace Civil Programs

AIRBUS 320 (A320)
Primary Structure - Nose Landing: Concession on parts for manufacturing process release.

AIRBUS 380 (A380 – 800)
Primary Structure – Nacelle: Flight Readiness and Certification analysis and reports of the 6 o'clok Beam for Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine nacelle.

BOEING 787 (B787– 8 Dreamliner)
Primary Structure - Main Landing Gear Uplock: Structural integrity and Fatigue Life calculation for 787-8 project, from Concept, PDR, to CDR, certification ad first Flight.

Primary Structure – Nose Landing Gear Doors: Structural integrity and Fatigue Life calculation for 787-8 project, from Concept, PDR, to CDR, certification ad first Flight.

Systems – Actuator, Valves: Structural integrity and Fatigue Life calculation for valves, actuators ad systems.

Automotive Projects

Fiat Ducato Van (on Behalf of LDP Aerospace): Global and local Stiffness evaluations. Doors stability check.

Fiat Stilo Redesign 3D (on Behalf of LDP Aerospace): Global stability check on Body, Chassis assembled and Welded.

Fiat CRF B21 (on Behalf of LDP Aerospace): Global and Local stiffness checks on vehicle. Test Simulations.

Iveco IrisBus Chorus (on Behalf of LDP Aerospace): Center of mass, Fatigue analysis and Chassis liability.